Our Purpose

Value is about so much more than money.

Too often, critical decisions about resources and policies are taken based purely on financial value.

This limited definition of value can have devastating effects. Despite increasing global prosperity, the gap between rich and poor is widening. Despite ever increasing understanding of climate change, the earth is getting warmer.

It’s time to put people back in the picture.

That’s what our members do. They work for, advise, support, and challenge organisations and decision makers to consider social and environmental value alongside economic value. They take into account how decisions can change, improve, and even save people’s lives.

Our vision is of a better world brought about by better decisions, decisions taken with the whole picture at hand. To deliver that information to decision makers we must be able to measure social value. To account for it, analyse it, assure it, and use it.

Our approach is based on The Seven Principles of Social Value:

  1. Involve stakeholders
  2. Understand what changes
  3. Value the things that matter
  4. Only include what is material
  5. Do not over-claim
  6. Be transparent
  7. Verify the result

We are supportive, practical, and accountable. Ready to challenge and be challenged. Ready to ask the difficult questions about people and profit.

Social Value International is more than a professional network. We are a movement for change. Will you join us?