Jeremy Nicholls

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Jeremy is our Chief Executive Network and has been Chief Executive of The Social Return on Investment (SROI) Network since 2008. He started his working life as a chartered accountant in the UK, but has lived and worked in Tanzania, Liberia and Nicaragua. His work has increasingly focused on understanding and managing the value of organisation’s activities.

He set up the Cat’s Pyjamas running events to promote the value of social enterprise and shortly afterwards started working on the development of SROI. He wrote ‘There is no business like Social Business’ with Liam Black and co-wrote the UK Government supported ‘Guide to SROI’. Jeremy is also a director of the FRC Group, a social business based in Liverpool.

Ruth Whateley


Ruth is our International Networks Director and has been the Manager of the Social Impact Analysts Association (SIAA) since 2012. She leads on the development and support of National Networks. Prior to working at SIAA Ruth was the International Development Coordinator for Student Hubs.


Sarah Bailey

Sarah Bailey 1

Sarah is our Head of Communications and Membership. She manages the running of membership services and leads on Social Value International's communications strategy. Sarah is a volunteer for communications and PR agency Bright One.