Andrew Callaghan – Intelligence and Impact Officer, Knightstone Housing

Your background and experience:

I work within Knightstone Housing’s Individual and Community Empowerment service. Half of my role involves measuring the social impact of our work. I have a degree in Social policy and have attended a number of training sessions on Social Impact. NEF/School for Social Entrepreneurs Social Impact Course, Locality Measuring Impact and HACT Social Impact Masterclass. Use a number of tools to visualise data including Tableau, Mapping and Infographics.

In what areas do you work?

Working within the Social Housing sector in the UK. Work with local authorities and voluntary sector on regular basis. Very interested in innovation with the use of data and impact measurement.

What are you working on at the moment?

Social Impact Measurement of our Individual and Community Empowerment service – a two year project to develop our social pledges, methodology and framework for impact measurement. With the aim of publishing our first annual report in 2014-15.

What would you like to share and discuss with other SIAA members?

  • Frameworks and methodology for measuring impact
  • Outcome Indicators
  • Methods for Gathering Evidence
  • Visualising the Data