The Second Global Conference on Creating Value

In the Second Global Conference on Creating Value, business leaders/practitioners and leading academics from around the world will come together to exchange views, and to share and learn from each other regarding the problems, the potential and the real life uses of value creation, and how it can transform management, organizations and institutions.

Value creation underpins all business transactions and engagement (Mahajan, 2016 book Creating Value). We all seek value for our businesses, as well as for ourselves and for our society. However, because we are so immersed in our day-to-day functional management, we often overlook opportunities for value creation, possibly to the detriment of our businesses and societal needs (Eisenhardt & Martin, 2000). Successful businesses and leaders create value for their eco-systems which include themselves, their companies, customers, employees, partners and stakeholders, mostly unconsciously, yet there are challenges in gauging and assessing ‘value(s)’ and their impact. This conference is a wake-up call to improve our understanding of the concept of value (and values) and, moreover, to find ways of creating value consciously and more abundantly which will in turn allow us to compete more effectively, to build social value and to thrive and be ready for the challenges of a changing and disruptive world. Carl Jung stated: “unless you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate.”

The Second conference will provide a platform for business leaders and academics to work together to establish the action research and development project they wish to see emerge and what would help them in value creation. The conference will provide relaxed, meaningful and purposeful opportunities to talk about latest thinking on value creation and service for improving the worth of companies, their longevity, their ability to be ahead of and tackle disruptive forces, and to embed a value creation leadership style going far beyond traditional and functional management so as to engender a value creation mind-set and avoiding value destruction in the future. We welcome innovation and fresh and thought-provoking approaches.

Conference Fees

  • Early Registration Rate: $495 (until 15 April 2019)
  • Full Rate: $545 (From 16 April – 10 May 2019)
  • Early Registration for PhD Students: $200 (until 15 April 2019)
  • Full Rate for PhD Students: $250 (From 16 April – 10 May 2019)

Registration Ends 10 May 2019

AVPN Conference 2019

Now in its seventh year, the AVPN Conference will bring together a diverse group of funders and resource providers from around the globe to take part in the largest gathering of social investors in Asia. Recognising that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will only be met if mainstream private investors are also mobilising capital towards impact, AVPN is seeking to break down barriers to bring in the broader capital markets into the social investing network.

Our goal is to ensure social investors are best equipped to address key social challenges facing Asia today and in the future.

Scaling Impact for Social Investors

Interested in developing deep insights into how to help scale impactful solutions as a social investor? Are you wondering how to understand the practical challenges of the different scaling strategies as scale-deep, scale-up, scale-out, network models, open source platforms and system change?

Join this unique leadership course designed for senior investors and impact leaders interested in developing effective ways to scale impact by using different strategies, according to different business and financial models.

2 days to challenge your scaling impact thinking, systematise new strategies and strengthen your network.

In a structured discussion model based on peer learning and pratical workshops we will share challenges and successes and develop frameworks on how best to finance, support and scale impactful solutions at different levels of the pyramid of scaling.

The discussions will be moderated by Filipe Santos, Chaired Professor of Social Entrepreneurship and EVPA Board member, who has supported the scaling of hundreds of social entrepreneurs worldwide in training programs at INSEAD and Católica-Lisbon for over a decade, and who will bring frameworks to challenge the thinking around scaling impact and frame cases and experiences shared by participants.

Are you a social investor, a philanthropist, a corporate foundations leader or a policy maker interested in developing frameworks for scaling impact?

Join the EVPA and Católica-Lisbon Executive Training on Scaling Impact for Social Investors.

100% of last year’s participants would recommend the course. They rated their overall learning experience as 9.1 out of 10.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn about the different stages of the social enterprise lifecycle and the strategic challenges that social entrepreneurs face at each stage;
  • Understand the different pathways to scale, as well as agents and enablers of social innovation;
  • Discuss business and financial models for scaling impact and the role of social investors in supporting them;
  • Explore hybrid financing mechanisms that combine venture philanthropy and impact investing approaches;
  • Get to know scaling examples from across Europe and finetune scaling frameworks;
  • Network with like-minded impact leaders and share best practices and insights on scaling;
  • Visit Impact Hub Lisbon to discover the local social innovation ecosystem.

Who should attend?

This program, is especially relevant for leaders in the venture philanthropy and social investment space. The program also targets participants with active roles and responsibilities in building the social investment ecosystem, such as policy makers, network leaders, accelerator and incubator managers, and corporate foundations leaders.

Event prices

  • Price for members € 950
  • Price for non-members € 1900

The Fundamental Training on Venture Philanthropy and Impact Investing

Are you new in the sector of venture philanthropy and impact investing? Then this is the right course for you to deepen your knowledge and grow your network!

“The Fundamental Training on Venture Philanthropy and Impact Investing” is specifically designed to offer participants who are new to the sector with the fundamental tool-kit to practice venture philanthropy (VP) and impact investing (II).

As a participant, you will:

  • acquire the knowledge to develop an impact-centric funding strategy.
  • understand the entire investment process, including techniques used for due diligence, closing and structuring of deals, governance aspects of a VP/II organisation, how to manage an impactful exit and portfolio management.

Case studies and a focus on day-to-day practice will be at the heart of the training: you will be provided with ready-to-use strategies, tools & materials to work on during the workshops. Experienced VP/II practitioners from all over Europe will share their insights and will work with you on the key practices of VP/II, including how to set up a VP/II organisation, how to define a theory of change from the perspective of the investor and how to deploy the most impactful financial strategy.

The structure of the course

The course is co-designed jointly by EVPA and ESADE Business School and it combines a preparatory session (starting 15 days prior to the training) using the online learning platform with two days of face-to-face interaction with leading professors and practitioners in Barcelona. After the training you will have the chance to work on your own action plan to develop or revise your impact strategy and you will receive a feedback at the end of the programme.

Who should attend?

The training is designed for practitioners with no or little experience on the VP/II field. It targets professionals from venture philanthropy organisations (impact investing funds and foundations), financial institutions, incubators, accelerators, and corporations with an interest in developing an impact-centric funding approach.

In order to guarantee the interactivity and learning potential of the workshop, spaces are limited. Each application will be screened by EVPA and ESADE which reserve the ultimate decision on admittance. Particular attention will be paid to the personal and the organization’s commitment to Venture Philanthropy/Impact Investing.

Event prices

  • Price for members € 1200
  • Price for non-members € 2400

Financing for Social Impact

How to tailor an Impact Investing strategy in the most efficient way.

If you are interested in learning how to choose the most suitable financial instrument(s) to support a SPO in a more efficient way, then EVPA in collaboration with France Active has designed the perfect course for your needs. This training is based on the latest report that EVPA published, “Financing for Social Impact: The key role of Tailored Financing and Hybrid Finance”, which is warmly welcomed in the sector and portrays how tailored financing can lead to more sustainable and stronger SPOs.

If you are interested in:

  • getting a better understanding of the financial instruments (FIs) – grants, debt, equity – available to fund social purpose organisations (SPOs)
  • acquiring practical knowledge on how to use them to match your goals as venture philanthropy organisations and social investors (VPO/SIs) with the needs of SPOs
  • learning how to tailor the financial support you provide to maximise the social impact generated

Then, this training is an excellent choice for you because it will look at both the characteristics of the investors and the financial needs of their potential grantees/investees to assess pros and cons of each FI in order to select the ones that are the most suitable, based on the business model and the stage of development of the SPOs. You will have the chance to meet practitioners with a long experience in the sector who will present real-life case studies in an active and dynamic manner to enhance your learning.

Who should attend?

The programme primarily targets investment managers of organisations that invest capital to sustain social innovation as venture philanthropy and social investment organisations, including as an example social impact and impact investing funds, grant-making foundations and private investors. The training is open also to other professionals interested in the topic, provided that they have at least a basic knowledge of financial analysis, in order to allow them make the most of the two-day course.

Please note that this course will not address the practical technicalities linked to the design of FIs in specific countries.

Event prices

  • Price for members € 800
  • Price for non-members € 1600

Social Impact through Employee Engagement

Are you a Corporate Social Investor (CSI)*? Do you want to explore opportunities to scale your impact by engaging corporate employees in your activities, but you don’t really know how it is possible in your context? Do you want to know what opportunities you have to get involved?

In collaboration with Rotterdam School of Management, we created a brand new course to support you design and implement your employee engagement activities to generate social impact. We believe that as a CSI, engaging employees is an excellent opportunity to provide valuable financial and non-financial support to social purpose organisations (SPOs) and scale social impact.

Based on our latest research “Social Impact through Employee Engagement” and on real life case studies, this workshop will help you design your employee engagement programmes.

If you are interested in:

  • Developing and implementing employee engagement programmes
  • Understanding how you can match employee engagement activities with the SPO’s fundamental needs
  • Assessing what you can offer and explore what action strategies you can take to maximise your social impact
  • Learning about how you can redirect the discussion and attention towards impact-driven engagement activities
  • Meeting experts from the fields who will share their real life experience
  • Connecting with peers with similar challenges and opportunities

…then Social Impact through Employee Engagement Training is the course for you!

*A Corporate Social Investor (CSI) is any vehicle formally related to a company that aims to create social impact – i.e. impact-first or impact-only organisations linked to companies.

Who should attend?

This course is especially relevant for corporate social investors (e.g. corporate foundations, corporate social impact funds, corporate social businesses, corporate social accelerators, shareholder foundations). In order to guarantee the interactivity and learning potential of the workshop, spaces are limited. Each application will be screened by EVPA and Rotterdam School of Management which reserve the ultimate decision on admittance.

Event prices

  • Price for members € 1200
  • Price for non-members € 2400

Social Impact Measurement and Management Training

EVPA and Social Value UK will use their in-depth knowledge of the practice of social impact measurement and management to help you learn how to maximize the impact you are generating. This course is especially designed to support the funders, venture philanthropy organisations and social investors (VPO/SI) in understanding how to measure and manage impact at the portfolio level.

If you are interested in:

  • understanding and measuring the impact you generate
  • improving your existing impact measurement system without burdening too much your investees
  • learning how to use the data you collect to take relevant decisions on your day-to-day activity and maximaze the use of your resources

and you want to do it by:

  • learning through real-life case studies and group work
  • discussing openly with experienced practitioners
  • sharing challenges and learnings with your peers

…then the Social Impact Measurement and Management Training is the course for you!

Event prices

  • Price for members € 800
  • Price for non-members € 1600

ANDE Investment Manager Training Course

The ANDE Investment Manager Training is an intensive five day course which covers all aspects of investing in small and growing business (SGBs) – from deal sourcing and due diligence to exit strategies. The course will focus on deals across emerging markets, with reference to global case studies.

This five day course is based largely on actual deals made by ANDE members and is designed to be highly interactive and participatory. It will also focus on the social and environmental impact of investing at this level, and how that affects the investment process. This is the only course of its kind that focuses on both investing in emerging and developing markets and impact investing.

If you are interested in gaining additional knowledge on investing in early stage deals in emerging markets from some of the leaders in the field, then this is the course for you.

ANDE Metrics Learning Lab – Impact Measurement Workshop with Social Value UK

Social Value UK (SVUK) will deliver a workshop with ANDE to provide an introduction to the key issues associated with impact measurement and management. The workshop will be facilitated by Dr. Adam Richards, the Projects, Research & Training Manager for SVUK. The workshop will assist attendees to appreciate how we can account for social value and social impacts – going beyond just measuring, to also examine how we can manage and ultimately maximize the value of our activities.

Social Impact Measurement and Management Training

EVPA and Social Value UK will use their in-depth knowledge of the practice of social impact measurement and management to help you learn how to maximize the impact you are generating. This course is especially designed to support the funders, venture philanthropy organisations and social investors (VPO/SI) in understanding how to measure and manage impact at the portfolio level.