Beyond Measurements: Creating an Effective Social Value Framework

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Where:Raffles Town Club, 1 Plymouth Avenue, Singapore 297753, Singapore

When:26th September 2017 — from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

What is Social Value?

An easy question for an observer to pose depending on your perspective, the answers can look very different. For example, what has been the value of social impact initiatives in Asia of the billions of dollars that have poured into the sector over the last decade?

As a Social Purpose Entity (SPE1) being able to respond to the question “What is your Social Impact?” has become a fundamental requirement. However, the answer cannot be “It depends on what area you are asking about?” SPEs need to be able to articulate a response that satisfies all their stakeholders.

Jeremy Nicholls is the CEO of Social Value International, the largest global network of social impact practitioners with 19 country chapters. The Social Value Framework that Jeremy and his team have created has already helped thousands of SPEs across the world to untangle these questions and provide the structure for the best response.

This Master Class is unique in its set up, as you will be seated in a banquet setting. This seating is optimum for an interactive and engaging session with hands-on group exercises, sharing of real life examples and case studies. Jeremy and 8 Masterclass facilitators from the sector will walk you through the Social Value Framework as part of the Master Class session.

You will leave with tangible takeaways on the social value framework in addition to how you can map your grassroots activities towards higher order outcomes.

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