Member Webinar: Avoiding Chartjunk and Slideuments

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When:11th February 2015 — from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM

John Burrett will take us through an abbreviated version of his presentation: “Avoiding Chartjunk and Slideuments: principles for visual presentation of data and findings”, as presented at the SIAA conference 2014. The presentation provides examples of the most important graphics for communicating data and some of the common errors we all make. John will field your questions at the end of the session.

This is pitched to impact analysts/practitioners practicing a range of approaches and requires no advanced knowledge of data or its presentation. We hope that participants will gain important knowledge and skills in communicating with data and findings.

Presenter Bio:

John Burrett from Haiku Analytics in Canada works to help organizations actually use and make sense of their data and make others care if they do. He focuses on developing effective tools: visual analytics, social/dynamic network analysis and effective presentation; and on building an organization’s capacity to use data effectively, for business, public good organizations and government. John has studied with leaders in the area of visual data analysis and communication and professional presentation design; and built capabilities with leading tools for visual data analysis.

**Please note this webinar is only available for Social Value International and Social Value UK members, find out more about membership here.**