Member Webinar: European progress on impact measurement: policy, standards & practice

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When:15th April 2015 — from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Tris Lumley, a member of the EU GECES Subgroup on impact measurement, and co-Chair of the Impact Measurement Working Group of the Social Impact Investment Taskforce established by the G8 in June 2013, will present an overview of key developments in Europe on impact measurement.

With GECES standards now adopted formally, and the G8 Taskforce moving into a roadmap towards a future impact measurement convention, what can we expect to see in terms of concrete progress for investors, social enterprises and impact analysts? Which standards should you focus on, and what can you do to help move practice forward?

This is pitched to any members interested in European developments around impact measurement and will provide the opportunity to see how your work fits with these emerging (and compatible) standards.

As Co-Chair of SIAA (soon to be Social Value International) Tris will also share his thoughts around what we as a field can do to ensure the standards become more than reports sitting on the shelf.

Presenter Bio:

Tris leads NPC’s development of new strategies, partnerships and initiatives to help transform the social sector. Working with partners both in the UK and internationally, Tris focuses on both the demand and supply sides of innovation around social impact.

His particular interest areas are leadership and culture, as well as frameworks and approaches that put impact at the heart of the social sector, including shared measurement, open data and systems thinking. Tris helped initiate, and now coordinates, the Inspiring Impact programme which aims to embed impact measurement across the UK charity sector by 2022. He is also engaged in international efforts to advance an impact focus in the social sector as part of the Leap of Reason Ambassadors Community and the Alliance for Effective Social Investing.

Tris has helped build NPC’s approach to sector research, charity analysis, impact reporting, and shared measurement and led numerous research projects on subjects including impact measurement, community organisations and ageing. Before joining NPC in 2004, he worked in market research and management consulting.

**Please note this webinar is only available for Social Value International and Social Value UK members, find out more about membership here.**