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Where:Gravenhekje, 1A 1011 TG, Amsterdam , Netherlands

When:23rd March 2017 until 24 Mar 2017 — from 12:00 AM to 12:00 AM

Social Return on Investment (SROI) is an internationally recognised framework for understanding, measuring and valuing social, economic and environmental outcomes. This two-day SROI practitioner training course is accredited by Social Value International and will equip you with a working knowledge of social value and SROI. The course will cover:

  • The philosophy behind SROI and the seven principles of social value
  • Practical exercises to understand, measure and value outcomes
  • Real applications and examples to show how your organisation can use the principles of Social Value and SROI to increase your impact

This training is suitable for anyone wanting more than just an introduction to SROI. After successful participation you will receive an official certificate from Social Value International which is a necessary step towards becoming an accredited practitioner.

Further information about the course, trainers, costs and why you should participate!

NB: This course counts towards your accreditation as an SROI practitioner.*