Transforming Community Engagement

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Where:Foundation for Young Australians, Level 2 21-27 Somerset Place, Melbourne , Australia

When:29th May 2018 until 31 May 2018 — from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM

Facilitation and conflict resolution skills

The Transforming Community Engagement masterclass is a skills-based training course that will equip you with the key facilitation and conflict resolution skills needed to transform your community engagement, co-design approach or multi-stakeholder partnership working. These essential skills are fundamental for anyone working with groups of people and seeking to improve the impact of their community engagement.

Some of the biggest challenges we face as a society involve complex, seemingly intractable social issues such as inter-generational poverty, homelessness, long-term unemployment, problem drug use, crime and community safety, declining health, environmental management, climate change, etc. To tackle these effectively we need to collaborate across sectors and engage people to participate in co-design. This inevitably means building, nurturing and managing multi-stakeholder partnerships.

There is a growing recognition that to do this effectively we also need to engage communities in the co-design and development of solutions. To do this well, you need frameworks, skills and tools. Often conflicts arise during the community engagement process; how to manage those conflicts, work with divergent stakeholder groups and build towards positive outcomes is a critical tool in the toolkit of anyone working in and with communities or co-designing new solutions.

As co-design, partnership working, collective impact, collaboration and community development become more embedded as the way we do things then it is increasing important that practitioners, whether from government, the community, academia or business sectors are equipped with the essential skills they need to achieve greater impact.

About the masterclass

Think Impact has partnered with Planning Partnerships ( to bring this course to those working in complex social change across Australia. Focused initially on natural resource management the course has expanded to also provide frameworks, skills and tools that are useful across a wide range of areas including housing, disability, employment, community development, health, economic development, community education and financial resilience. The course builds on skills gained through IAP2.

This is a three-day, intensive, practical master class that is designed for participants to:

  • Gain an understanding of the principles of community engagement. This will include an overview of co-design, community conversations, partnership frameworks and an introduction to impact-led design.
  • Develop active listening skills and effective intervention skills.
  • Analyse and observe group dynamics within a community engagement setting and learn how to carry out the role and function of facilitator.
  • Develop skills to manage the content and process of a group that improves participatory decision making.
  • Understand and analyse the different sources of conflict and develop skills to manage conflict constructively.
  • Get an overview of a set of effective community engagement tools.

Who is this course for?

This masterclass is specifically designed for those working in community engagement, multi-stakeholder partnerships and/or co-design. It focuses on skills development and will also equip you with new, cutting-edge frameworks and a broad set of tools to enable deeper facilitation of multi-stakeholder partnerships, community engagement, co-design approaches and conflict resolution. The course will be invaluable to you if you work:

  • On complex problems, with multiple stakeholders in the partnership
  • In a co-design or service-development role, facilitating multiple stakeholders through the process
  • In a public-sector-led area partnership, a place-based initiative or facilitating community conversations and stakeholder engagement or tenant engagement
  • As part of, or are developing, a Collective Impact backbone initiative
  • In, or are new to, community engagement and have to carry out community consultation, build collaboration, engage stakeholders more effectively or strengthen community development
  • In a local council and want to improve the quality and impact of your community planning
  • In natural resource management and looking to deepen community engagement
  • On strategic planning, consultancy, partnership development or change management where community/stakeholder engagement is a core aspect of your role


  • Not for profits and community organisations $1495
  • Not for profits and community organisations with accreditation $1695
  • Government and corporate sector $1750
  • Government and corporate sector with accreditation $1950

Further information and how to book

Further information is available on the Think Impact website. Tickets are available to book online via Eventbrite.