Accredited Practitioners

An Accredited Practitioner is a member recognised as having completed practitioner training and submitted a social impact analysis that has met the requirements of the assurance process.

Becoming an Accredited Practitioner has a number of benefits which include:

  • Raising your profile as an expert in impact measurement and analysis
  • Opportunities to become involved in the assessment of reports which increases your expertise and knowledge of impact reporting
  • Opportunity to become an Accredited Trainer

In order to become an Accredited Practitioner, applicants will need to:

  • Be a member of Social Value International directly or of one of our affiliated National Networks that offer joint membership.
  • Prove that they have completed approved practitioner training before the date of their application
  • Provide a CV and a statement of involvement and interest in social value and social impact
  • Submit an social impact report for assurance that meets the criteria of the assurance process

The assurance process is designed to judge an individual’s understanding of the Seven Principles of Social Value. Applicants will declare that they are the author and provide proof that the permission of the organisation has been granted in submitting the report. Find out about assurance here.

Current Accredited Practitioners

Accredited Trainers

Once you have been recognised as an Accredited Practitioner you have the opportunity to become an Accredited SROI Trainer.

Additional requirements on top of Accredited Practitioner status include:

  • Have your training course observed and approved by one of our Accredited Trainers
  • Use only accredited SROI training materials in your training course

Assurance and accreditation services are managed by Social Value UK on behalf of Social Value International. Email  for more information about Accredited Trainers.