Social Value UK provide a range of assurance and accreditation services on behalf of Social Value International. All of the following services are available to members of Social Value International:

More detailed information on each of these services can be found by clicking the links (you will be redirected to the Social Value UK website).

Why is assurance important?

Assurance provides confidence in your work, and the judgements you have made. It is also a useful learning tool, to assess how you might be able to improve your social value measurement for next time. Assurance also speaks directly to Principle 7 – Verify the result.

What are the assurance criteria?

You can download the Assurance Criteria in full here.

When can I apply for assurance?

You can submit an application during a standard assurance and accreditation round (a two week period in which we receive many applications). Alternatively, you can use the Fast-Track service. This option is much quicker than normal applications and you can submit at any time of the year. It costs an extra £300 but means you receive the results in half the time and do not have to wait for an ‘assurance round’.

The following standard rounds are scheduled for 2018:

Open for applicationsDeadline for applicationsEstimated result date (may be subject to change)
15 January 201826 January 201826 February 2018
5 March 201816 March 201816 April 2018
23 April 20184 May 20184 June 2018
3 September 201814 September 201815 October 2018
22 October 20182 November 20183 December 2018

How much does assurance cost?

Click on the links below for more information on pricing:

Assurance is managed by Social Value UK, please contact for more details.