Taiwan NPO Self-Regulation Alliance have joined Social Value International as Organisational Members

Taiwan NPO Self Regulation Alliance are new Organisational Members of Social Value International and we are very pleased to have them on board. They say;

“We’re looking forward to being part of the international community as the emphasis on social value resonates with our mission on accountability and impact. We have no doubt that joining Social Value International will empower us and the NPOs and SEs on our platform with practical knowledge on social value and impact.” Carol Chen (CEO of Taiwan NPO Self-Regulation Alliance)

In order to guarantee the rights of donors, strengthen their trust towards NPOs, as well as attain greater financial transparency and accountability, 30 renowned organizations from diverse fields came together to form the Taiwan NPO Self-Regulation Alliance. Their hope was to create an environment conducive to the development of NPOs by actively advocating for self-regulation and a better legal framework. After two years of intensive preparations, the Alliance was formally established on October 2005 with 63 members who made the pledge of self-regulation and agreed to achieve the goals of “fundraising accountability, financial transparency, service efficiency and organizational governance.” As of January 2018, the Alliance has 248 organizational members, all outstanding NPO representatives from the fields of social welfare, culture, education, health, and etc. The total annual fundraising amount of the Alliance’s members is about one-third of that in Taiwan.

Social enterprises have mushroomed in recent years in Taiwan. 2014 was the beginning year of social enterprise by the government, and the resources started to roll in.
The Executive Yuen announced the “Social Enterprise Action Plan 2014-2016” with the vision to facilitate the ecology that benefit the development of SEs. It focuses on four dimensions:

1. Regulation: to amend laws or regulations according to the needs of social enterprises.
2. Enlisting Platform: to set up the Social Enterprise Enlisting Platform with the purpose to facilitate marketing, social networking, and cooperation among social enterprises.
3. Fundraising: to infuse diverse financial resources to social enterprises.
4. Incubation: to build up incubation mechanism of social enterprises and form professional teams.

The Taiwan NPO Self-Regulation Alliance that has been helping non-profits to disclose information received was commissioned from the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Executive Yuen, to set up a platform where SEs could enlist from 2015 to 2016. The platform included enlisted SEs’ basic information, social mission and services.

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