The Growing Role of NGO’s in China

In cooperation with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and the German Consulate in Shanghai, SIAA conducted a congress in China, Hangshou on the 10th and 11th May entitled “The growing role of NGOs in China”.

SIAA-Shanghai-1The objective of the two-day conference was to discuss the situation of NGOs in China and to provide practical guidance for civil society organizations. The  participants came from various regions including Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing and Hangshou and were covering a broad spectrum of themes including environmental protection, health and poverty.

Regarding the legal circumstances, in 1988 the first legal status for non-governmental organizations had been established, and since then further laws have been introduced to clarify the work of NGOs in China. Even though the role of these approximately 500 thousand civil society organizations is becoming more seen and appreciated by the public and accepted by the state, their daily work is often at times characterized by bureaucratic hurdles and funding issues.

In the light of this growing importance on the one hand, and challenges in the practical work on the other hand, the staff and volunteers of these organizations are working on their missions.


One central part of the workshop was on impact analysis. Andreas Rickert, Phineo CEO and one of SIAA’s trustees, covered the topic by explaining the background, definitions, aims and approaches of impact analysis. According to the feedback from the participants, the exercises in break-out groups have been of specific value to them. Each group worked out a IOOI (input-output-outcome-impact) logical model for one concrete project presented by a group member, and building on that they developed indicators for the analyses of the desired outcomes.

In the spirit of the workshop, the participants are eager to continue networking and knowledge exchange on a national as well as international level.




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