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Hello to new organisational members i-propeller

by Clare Bentley · Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

We are delighted to announce that i-propeller have officially become an organisational member of Social Value International. They say; “We’re excited to become a member of Social Value International. Finding new ways to create social value in an entrepreneurial way is our core business. In making this mission work, we have always been very much inspired by Social Value International.” i-propeller are a boutique consultancy for shared value, social business innovation and collective impact. They advise companies and governments on how to develop shared value, collective impact strategies, business models and go-to-market innovation trajectories to strengthen their business proposition in

Jeremy Nicholls is stepping down as CEO of Social Value International

by Social Value International Team · Friday, February 16th, 2018

After ten years as Chief Executive Officer of Social Value UK (SVUK) and three years as CEO of Social Value International (SVI), Jeremy Nicholls is stepping down from both roles as of June. Jeremy is deeply committed to the continuing growth and success of SVUK and SVI and will maintain his support for both organisations as a member rather than as CEO. ”It’s very difficult to step down from a role that I love and from leading the organisations which I helped start and have grown over the last decade. It has to happen at some point and SVUK and

In the next five years, do you think that inequality and environmental degradation will disappear, or even be reduced?

by Guest contributor · Thursday, February 15th, 2018

Blog by Dr Adam Richards, Senior Researcher, Social Value International, from the Impact 2018 conference. Thought not. These important challenges may seem insurmountable – but they aren’t. And this is the focus of many people working in the space of social impacts, be they social enterprises, impact investors, private business, or other change makers. At Social Value UK (SVUK) as part of Social Value International we believe in a world where accounting for social value can help to address inequality and environmental degradation. And we have seen examples where organisations have used information on their social value to improve the