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Should organisations shift their preference for valuing their worth financially to valuing their social impact as a priority?

by David Thomas · Wednesday, July 31st, 2019

Ben Carpenter, CEO of Social Value UK and Social Value International recently discussed the importance of social impact as a priority in corporations at Social Impact Festival. Ben’s talk was delivered at Social Value: Who is responsible for catalysing change? It took place in Perth, Western Australia on Tuesday 16 July 2019. This event was jointly organised by the Social Impact Measurement Network of Australia (SIMNA) and Centre for Social Impact at UWA (the University of Western Australia) as part of their Social Impact Festival. This event was targeted at those interested in accounting for social value, particularly high-level decision-makers

Social Value Matters: Going Mainstream 2019

by David Thomas · Monday, July 22nd, 2019

Be part of this momentous moment as Social Value International hold their first conference in Asia. Hosted by national network Social Value Taiwan this 2-day event is not to be missed as we discuss how social value and social impact is more important now than ever before and ready to be integrated into mainstream thinking across the world. If we want to tackle the global challenges of rising inequality, climate change and social wellbeing, we must change the way we make decisions. Join us to hear from thought leaders and best practice from the private sector (business and investment), civil society (NGO and social

Sandra Velthius on the Gaelic Athletic Association’s Report Assurance Process

by David Thomas · Friday, July 5th, 2019

Sandra Velthius, a freelance consultant, has a few words to share on why she encourages her clients to undertake the Social Value International Report Assurance process: ‘For people unfamiliar with Ireland, it is difficult to explain just how important a role the Gaelic Athletic Association plays in Irish life. Yet quantifying its worth has always proved a challenge. When the future of Na Fianna, a local GAA club in Dublin, was threatened by a proposed infrastructure development, a decision was made to commission a Social Return On Investment (SROI) study. We considered the club’s financial year July 2017 – June 2018

A fresh perspective on the social impact investing ‘definitions debate’

by David Thomas · Thursday, July 4th, 2019

This is a second guest blog post from Dr Jess Daggers, academic and practitioner specialising in impact measurement and the growth of the impact investing industry. Many of the people reading this blog will have been in the same situation: you are at a conference, or a presentation, and you find yourself thinking: what exactly is impact investing? You thought you had a clear idea of it, but then the person on the stage is describing something that sounds quite different. Or perhaps a panel discussion brings together perspectives on the topic that appear to have almost nothing in common, except the general idea of