» March 2020

Eleri Lloyd Becomes SVI’s Latest Accredited Trainer!

by David Thomas · Tuesday, March 31st, 2020

Social Value International is proud to announce that Eleri Lloyd, Social Value Manager at Mantell Gwynedd is the latest person to achieve status as an Accredited Trainer with us! We chatted to Eleri about the application process and her experience thus far as an Accredited Trainer! Why did you decide to apply to become an Accredited Trainer with Social Value International? Last year I become an Accredited Practitioner so this was naturally the next step for me. As an organisation we do offer training, and there is an increasing demand for this service in Wales. Being able to offer training

Announcing the updated Social Value Management Certificate

by David Thomas · Friday, March 27th, 2020

Social Value International are pleased to announce the launch of an updated version of the Social Value Management Certificate.  This is the first major review and revision to the certificate since it was launched in January 2018. The updates incorporates the latest standards set by Social Value International and practical changes that are aimed at improving the certificate and the support for our awardee organisations who are undertaking their own social value journeys. The review and subsequent revisions has been overseen by the SVI Reporting and Assurance Technical Committee[1] and involved consultation with awardees of the certificate, a wider group

Social Value Always Matters Interview Series Launched

by David Thomas · Friday, March 20th, 2020

Social Value Matters now more than ever! In these uncertain times, it is easy to become focused on fear and worry and is, of course, understandable that many organisations are focusing on operational priorities at this moment. However, this does not mean that social value should be sidelined if anything it shows that social value is more important than ever. COVID-19 is having and will continue to have, a detrimental impact on those most vulnerable in society. The homeless, refugees, those with disabilities and underlying health issues,  those in unstable work and on zero-hour contracts, those experiencing pension poverty – these