Announcing Doroob as Social Value Pioneers!

Social Value International are proud to announce Doroob as Social Value Pioneers!

Doroob Al Barakah is a 40 years-old Saudi endowment company. Fifteen years ago, it launched one of its turn-key projects, the “Doroob Scholarships” Project specialized in learning and educational services and operating initially in Saudi Arabia and later expanded to Sudan and Kenya with arrangements almost complete for its launch in Ethiopia.

It is a strategic investment that aims at breaking the cycle of poverty in learning and education and we consider it an investment in the hidden assets (the gifted and creative of the young generation) in these countries, who will not only be change makers but tomorrow’s history makers. We are non-profitable business that recognizes the need to invest in human capital, with a heartfelt commitment towards making a positive impact.

Doroob exists to create a future of empowered leaders by investing in the talented, the gifted and the creative; in other words, by nurturing those who are poor in resources but rich in potential.

Our aim is to offer comprehensive care for the gifted students in public education worldwide beginning from primary level school and create a future of empowered leaders and our ultimate goal is to empower children and be the means by which they navigate their way to collectively creating a new future that is rich in gifted minds in service of the greater good.

What is your organisation’s background in SROI/social value measurement, if any?

In response to the need for a scientific and practical proof of Doroob’s social return on investment instead of investment in outcomes only, in April 2019 we took the strategic decision to conduct an evaluative social return on investment (SROI) study for Doroob Scholarships project Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Kenya

This report showcased the double bottom line; the financial and social impact of Doroob Endowment investment in the scholarship program for the years 2017 and 2018.

As part of our commitment to the humanitarian and non-profit field to stage leadership activations, the report reflects the success story of those 2 years using a scientific measurement tool in a very rare spectrum; the educational and leadership investment in childhood.

This study reflects Doroob’s desire to achieve the strategic objective of impact measurement (the annual increase of social returns on investment), and to explore the actual impact of Doroob Scholarship Project based on an international strategy for measuring the social impact. This encourages donors to increase their investments in the project and benefit from the study outcomes.

This report is the first of many others to come to set an example and scientific reference of the impact of humanitarian work in the Arab and Islamic world.

At Doroob, we believe that certain core values are needed to keep us unique yet grounded as we attempt to respond to new and dynamic conditions. We keep these beliefs in mind as we aim to ensure the best return on investment for our programs and its many stakeholders.

Social Return Rate which means that every 1 SAR invested in “Doroob Scholarships” Project generated social return on investment = 4.9 SAR

Are there any specific projects you are doing at the moment that are related to SROI/social value?

The Doroob Scholarship project is a sustainable bestowment on gifted students with economic challenges and unique capabilities; giving them the opportunity to excel in their education and proceed steadily towards creating their legacies. The Scholarship is holistic in that it covers not only academia, but where necessary supports in basic needs such as housing and medical care on top of an aggressive 21st century skills program.

We do offer different programs in different countries including the scholarships, 21st century skills, housing and medical care. An example of our would be our scholarship in Sudan that ensures all financial academic needs are covered and the students well being is and peace of mind is catered for by family medical insurance policies and rentals for those in extreme circumstances. This ensures our scholars can focus on what matters, success in their academics to give them the best chance for creating their own legacies.

What do you hope to gain from joining Social Value International?

Validate that what we are doing has the impact we are aspire to and strive to make a bigger difference based on the learnings of the SROI reports

“Being part of SVI is a strategic decision and an act of commitment towards the field of humanitarian work – its about time to uplift the vision of how to measure impact”

Solafa Batterjee (CEO)

For more information on Doroob’s social value journey, see below:
Solafa Adel Batterjee
Chief Executive Officer
+966 504623404

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