Announcing Etkiyap as Social Value Partners

Social Value International have proud to announce Etkiyap as Social Value Partners!

Etkiyap is Turkey’s first impact investing platform, set up to promote and advocate for impact investing in Turkey. Our mission is to make impact investing the investment instrument of choice in Turkey. We aim to realize this mission through partnerships and initiatives with the government institutions, private and public sector, universities and civil society organizations.

Ahead of joining Social Value International, we had a chat to Etikyap about their social value journey

What is your organisation’s background in SROI/social value measurement, if any?

Etkiyap is set up to promote and advocate for impact investing in Turkey and in line with this aim we are aiming to be a market leader in impact measurement and management in this sector.

As an organisation we do not have an experience in SROI/social value measurement; however, our Executive Committee Member Melek De-Wint has been trained as an SROI Practitioner by SVUK in 2015 and since then, in partnership with PwC UK, have implemented SROI approach to measure the social value of a global non-formal education and learning programme in Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Ghana, Malta, New Zealand, Nigeria and South Africa. Here is the link to the publication that explains the social value model and methodology developed for this purpose.

Are there any specific projects you are doing at the moment that are related to SROI/social value?

Not yet, but we expect to very soon!

What do you hope to gain from joining Social Value International?

In the scope of impact measurement and management element of impact investing, we would like to champion the use of SROI approach and principles in monetising impact in the impact investing sector in Turkey. For this purpose, we would like to be able to tap into the experience and potential of SVI and its other national partners and channel best practice to Turkey.

‘SROI approach to impact evaluation will be one of the most important tools in our overall impact measurement and management strategy in promoting data and evidence-based policy and project making and scalability in impact investments in Turkey. It will help us advocate for the importance of impact measurement and evaluation for more sustainable social investments.’

Safak Muderrisgil, Co-founder of Etkiyap

For more information on Etkiyap’s social value journey, please contact:

Melek De-Wint
Executive Committee Member – IMM

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