Announcing the launch of Social Value Arabia (SVA)

Arising from the noticeable global and regional movement towards impact and social investments, and the increasing awareness of companies, investors and the local community in the importance of non-financial accounting and value measurement; Social Value Arabia (SVA) comes to provide appropriate guidance, tools and support for analysts and professionals involved in CSR, accounting, and managing social value across sectors in the Arab Region. It is the national network for social value analysis and the official representative for Social Value International (SVI) in the region. 

As we believe in a world where a broader definition of value will change decision making in the Arab region, we encourage all organizations from all sectors to join our inaugural launching event; The Impact Measurement and Management conference ( IMM Arabia I  – 2020 ) which is synchronized with the Global Impact week; Social Value Matters 2020.

Experts from the region will gather for the first time to share their experience and knowledge in social value measurement, present case studies and successful examples, answer vital questions related to main challenges and opportunities facing practitioners and many more topics that will enrich your knowledge in this subject. 

If you are interested to attend the conference or to become a member of the practitioner’s community to share and add value, you can contact us anytime through our website or through our social media channels ( Twitter, LinkedIn and we will be honoured to support you and provide you with the needed guidance.

For more information please contact Social Value Arabia lead, Salam Al-Khateeb at

To read this article in Arabic, download this PDF.

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