Accredited Practitioners

An Accredited Practitioner is a member recognised as having completed accredited practitioner training and submitted a social impact analysis that has met the requirements of the assurance process.

Why become an Accredited Practitioner?

Becoming an Accredited Practitioner has a number of benefits which include:

  • Raising your profile as an expert in impact measurement and analysis
  • Opportunities to become involved in the assessment of reports which increases your expertise and knowledge of impact reporting
  • Opportunity to become an Accredited Trainer

Requirements to be an Accredited Practitioner

In order to become an Accredited Practitioner, applicants will need to:

  • Be a member of Social Value International or of one of our affiliated National Networks that offer joint membership.
  • Prove that they have completed accredited practitioner training before the date of their application
  • Submit an social impact report for assurance that meets the assurance standard
  • Provide a CV and a statement of involvement and interest in social value and social impact

The assurance process is designed to judge an individual’s understanding of the Seven Principles of Social Value. Applicants will declare that they are the author and provide proof that the permission of the organisation has been granted in submitting the report. Find out about assurance here.

How to apply

You can submit an application during a standard assurance and accreditation round (a two week period in which we receive many applications). The following rounds are scheduled:

Open for applicationsDeadline for applicationsEstimated result date (may be subject to change)
11th February 201925th February 201925th March 2019
13th May 201928th May 201924th June 2019
16th September 201930th September 201928th October 2019
4th November 201918th November 201916th December 2019

Alternatively, you can use the Fast-Track service. This means you can apply at any time of the year.

Apply online for Fast-Track by clicking the button below.

Online standard applications will be accepted during the assurance rounds.


All Assurance and Accreditation services are discounted by 10% if you have an organisational membership.

  • Standard Report Assurance = £900 + VAT
  • Fast-Tract Report Assurance = £1200 + VAT
  • Amendment period (optional) = £300 + VAT

PLEASE NOTE:  The majority of reports are of a standard that mean they have to go through a post assessment amendment stage. We therefore recommend that you budget for the extra £300 fee.

How to renew

Accredited Practitioner status lasts for three years from the date that the applicant’s report is assured. After the first three years, Accredited Practitioners will need to renew their status annually.

To renew their status, Accredited Practitioners must be members of Social Value International, supply evidence of continuing professional development in SROI or social value and pay a fee of £50 + VAT (payable to Social Value UK who administer assurance and accreditation services on behalf of Social Value International).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is assurance?

Assurance is more than just a rubber-stamping exercise. It is also a learning process designed to help you improve the way you measure impact.

During the process your analysis will be independently checked by our qualified assessors. They will check that a report shows good understanding of Social Value principles and practice. For an SROI report this means that principle #3 “value what matters” requires the use of financial proxies. However any social value/impact report can be tested against the Social Value principles.

Assurance is a principles based assessment. It does not include verification of stakeholder engagement, data and calculations.

What support can I get to help me become an Accredited Practitioner?

  • Peer Support: As a member of SVI you are encouraged to gain support from other members through regional meetings, LinkedIn groups and, webinars.
  • Assurance Standard Checklist: Our assurance standard is available in a checklist format for you to use as you produce your report. Download it here.

What is the Fast-Track service?

This option is much quicker than normal applications and you can submit at any time of the year. It costs an extra £300 but means you receive the results in half the time and do not have to wait for an ‘assurance round’.

How long does the process take?

When an application is submitted through an assurance round you should allow up to six weeks for the results to be returned.

When an application is submitted through the Fast-Track service you should allow two to three weeks for the results to be returned.

For applications that require some alterations in order to meet assurance requirements, the author may be given a five week the option of an amendment period in which to make the necessary changes. This amendment stage is subject to an extra fee, on top of the initial assurance/accreditation fee, in order to cover additional costs of re-checking the amended report and administration (see ‘Cost’ section above).

What if my application does not meet the assurance standard?

If your report does not meet all of the report assurance standard it can still receive the assurance certificate but it will include some ‘qualifications’. Qualifications are qualifying statements that highlight where the report does not meet the report assurance standard. In the case of a report being assured with qualifications the author can not be awarded Accredited Practitioner status.

I have produced a report working as part of a team, can this be submitted for assurance?

If you are applying for Accredited Practitioner status then you will need to be the only author of the report. You can work with colleagues to collect the information and put the work together but you will be responsible for every aspect of the report including the approach used and any professional judgements.

Do you have examples of the process?

If you are interested in getting a report assured, you can find out more about the process in the Accredited Practitioner case studies Social Value UK have collected in their resource library.

Assurance and accreditation services are managed by Social Value UK on behalf of Social Value International. Email  for more information about Accredited Pactitioners.