Fast-Track Accredited Practitioner Application

Prepare your application and apply online

Step 1: Check your membership

Only current members of Social Value International or one of it’s joint member networks (Social Value UK, SIMNA, Social Value Aotearoa and HKI-SIA) can apply to become an Accredited Practitioner. If you are unsure about your membership status, please contact or the relevant joint member network.

Step 2: Check your report

Applicants are advised to check that their report meets the assurance and accreditation standard (which can be downloaded from our website here) before submitting. These are the same criteria which our assessors will use when checking a report.

Step 3: prepare your supporting documents

Supporting documents required to apply for Fast-Track Accredited Practitioner status are:

  • A complete Word (or similar) version of the report to be assured, including any appendices and with all references to the author removed
  • A complete Excel (or similar) version of the impact map used as the basis of the analysis with all references to the author removed
  • Evidence of permission to submit the report from the relevant organisations
  • A signed copy of the terms and conditions of application available from our website here
  • A CV and statement of involvement and interest in Social Value

Applicants will also need to provide details of the 2-day Accredited Practitioner Training they have attended (date, location and the name of the agency who delivered the training)

Step 4: Complete the online application form

When your report and supporting documents are ready, submit your application through the online form.