The Social Value Certificate

The Social Value Certificate looks at the systems and processes that you have in place for maximising your social value. It is not about reporting social value and it does not provide proof or a statement that the organisation or programme is creating an amount of social value. The Social Value Certificate is about how you are working towards maximising your value. The Social Value Certificate can be awarded to an organisation or a specific programme or project being run by an organisation.

The Social Value Certificate has three levels, as described below. To progress through each level applicants need to provide evidence to Social Value UK that they are meeting the specific criteria for the stage. Download the Social Value Certification Guidance Document to see what evidence is required.

Level One: CommitA commitment to implement systems and processes that are consistent with the Social Value Principles, evidenced through policy documentation.
Level Two: ImplementThe implementation of systems and processes that are consistent with the Social Value Principles, evidenced through appropriate data collection.
Level Three: MaximiseThe use of social value data to drive decisions to increase the social value created, evidenced through operational changes designed in response to data and with the specific intention to maximise the social value created with the resources available.

The Social Value Certificate has been developed by Social Value International as part of their assurance and accreditation services. The Social Value Principles form the basis for the certification. The criteria
and certificates have been designed and approved by Social Value International’s Reporting and Assurance Technical Committee. For more information about the governance contact us (

Why should I get the Social Value Certificate?

The Social Value Certificate has the following advantages:

  • Proves to external stakeholders (including funders) that you are aligning to an international standard for managing your social impact and taking steps towards maximising the value that you can create.
  • Provides you with a clear pathway for improving the way you are managing your social impact.

View the Social Value Certificate Directory to see the organisations who already have the certificate.

How much does an application for the Social Value Certificate cost?

To make an application for the Social Value Certificate you must be an organisational member of Social Value International (or an affiliated National Network). During the first three months of your membership, you can apply for Level 1 Certification FREE!

Membership typeLevel 1Level 2Level 3Renewal (of Level 3)
Organisational member (small)£500£500£500£500
Organisational member (medium)£550£550£550£550
Organisational member (large)£600£600£600£600
Organisational member (very large)£650£650£650£650

All prices are in GBP and exclude VAT.

How to Apply

  • Download and carefully read the Social Value Certificate Guidance Document. This contains all the information you need.
  • Make sure your organisation has a current membership with Social Value International.
  • Arrange a preparation call with the Assurance Manager before making the application.
  • Download and read the Terms & Conditions of application. A signed copy of these must be submitted with your application.
  • Download and complete the relevant Criteria and Evidence Form from links below:

Level 1 Criteria and Evidence Form

Level 2 Criteria and Evidence Form

Level 3 Criteria and Evidence Form

It is also a good idea to take our Self-Assessment on the Social Value Self Assessment Tool. This gives you an indication of where your systems and processes are already meeting the standards. It also has a very useful set of tips and guidance to help you improve the systems and processes you have in place.

Policy Template

This template was produced by the impact team at Kingston Smith Fundraising and Management in collaboration with Social Value UK. This template has been designed for organisations interested in embedding social value into their organisation or projects. This template outlines a flexible social value policy which can be adapted for all organisations and projects. Download the template here.

Action Plan Template

This action plan was originally designed by organisational members, and Social Value Certificate holders, Talent Gateway, in application for Level 1 of the Social Value Certificate. Download the template here.