Civil Support and Ashoka Launch The Impact Academy

impact academy

Recently Civil Support ( Leader of SVI’s Hungarian Country Impact Group) and Ashoka teamed up to produce a new initiative, The Impact Academy.

We spoke to Zsolt Pethe, co-founder of The Impact Academy, about what this initiative is and how it will benefit individuals.

What is The Impact Academy?

Impact Academy is a half-year program, combining interactive workshops delivered by international experts alongside local presenters, two community events and the creation of multi-media resources to inspire the ecosystem around impact assessment. Modules guide the participants through theoretical approaches, practical strategy development, tailor-made tools and indicators.

The program includes mentorship and assistance to help apply the newly set up system into the day-to-day practice and strategic direction of the organizations. Participants will also have a chance to develop communications materials with the help of creative partners.

How do you think The Impact Academy will benefit individuals + why should they undertake it?

I believe Impact Academy can offer a lot more than a normal training or short workshop by going into details in all impact-related questions, allowing the participating organizations to take the time to acquire the necessary skills to improve the impact measurement practices. We also provide personalized mentoring between each workshop, supporting each organization in their implementation process.

Why is The Impact Academy Important?

Purpose-driven organizations across our region are facing challenges to their sustainability and legitimacy as they continue to give voice to marginalized groups and to tackle pressing social issues. While impact assessment should be one of the key topics, this entire area is still under-developed and often ignored in Hungary (and in the region). It is essential to develop a core group of ecosystem players that can act as ‘ambassadors’ or good practices for effective impact measurement and communications. 

What do you hope to happen as a result of the Impact Academy?

We would like to ignite a movement around impact and make sure that a growing circle of organizations will understand, value and share about their impact results. Another key objective is to create local examples and good practices that we could share with a wider ecosystem and inspire others to improve their impact-related work. 

How does The Impact Academy work towards SVI’s goals of increased well-being, reduced environmental degradation and promoting equality?

We believe getting concrete feedback on an organization’s positive impact increases the well-being of all key stakeholders that are working towards the same goal, including team members, supporters and partners. We are making all of our resources, tools and good practices available in our online Resource Center, promoting equality in the access of information among the various players in the Hungarian ecosystem.  

Learn more about The Impact Academy here.

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