Consultation on Principle 2: Understand What Changes

Social Value International are proud to announce we have opened our consultation on our latest installment of Principle 2 of the Social Value Principles: Understand What Changes.

As a standard setter and a member-led organisation, we want the shaping of this to be inclusive of our members and invite your feedback.

This consultation on Principle 2: Understand What Changes is specifically addressing Part 2 (“Selecting Indicators”) and Part 3 (“Quantifying Change”) and builds upon Part 1 (“Creating Well Defined Outcomes”). We recommend that you read Part 1 for useful context.

Deadline for comments is Tuesday January 26th 2021


  1. Download DRAFT Principle 2: Understand What Changes document here.
  2. Please read and make comments. Do not make edits using tracked changes. We will be consolidating comments only
  3. Please return your document via email before the deadline to

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