EVPA release case studies on Impact Measurement and Management in Venture Philanthropy

For the past decade, as the importance of transparency and accountability within the philanthropy and social impact investment sector increased, impact measurement has moved from margin to mainstream, from too hard, to can’t miss. Today, many social sector funders measure their own broader impact as well as the impact of the grantees/investees they support.

But measurement remains a challenge, with concerns over costs and resource intensiveness. On Tuesday EVPA launched two case studies which highlight two European organisations at the forefront of social impact measurement; Reach for Change and Investisseurs & Partenaires (I&P).

Working off the EVPA impact measurement framework, they show how the practical implemention of impact measurement can work within an organisation and that it can:

  • Help funders devise an impact-centric investment strategy and implement an investment process in which impact is an integral component
  • Reassure existing funders that their money is spent in the most impactful way, and convince them to reinvest while motivating new funders to get on board
  • Demonstrate to investees and grantees the value of working with the funder
  • Help investees/grantees manage their organisations to increase social impact
  • Drive efficiencies, transparency and accountability within the funding organisations and the sector at large

Lisa Hehenberger, EVPA’s Research and Policy Director: “What these two case studies show is that, as a social sector funder, impact must be at the forefront of your investment strategy. It is your role to support your investees so that they can manage their organisations towards greater impact, which in turn will help you deliver on your social impact goals. This way, Impact Measurement is more than a framework or methodology, it is a strategic change in mindset.”

You can download the new case studies from the EVPA website.

EVPA have also released a new video with Jeremy Nicholls, CEO of Social Value International, who discusses the importance of impact measurement as a whole.

Click on the thumbnail below to watch the video:



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