Hello to new organisational members i-propeller

We are delighted to announce that i-propeller have officially become an organisational member of Social Value International. They say;

“We’re excited to become a member of Social Value International. Finding new ways to create social value in an entrepreneurial way is our core business. In making this mission work, we have always been very much inspired by Social Value International.”

i-propeller are a boutique consultancy for shared value, social business innovation and collective impact. They advise companies and governments on how to develop shared value, collective impact strategies, business models and go-to-market innovation trajectories to strengthen their business proposition in areas that are increasingly becoming important growth markets.
i-propeller is one of three organisations under the umbrella of Oksigen; OksigenLab, SI² Fund and i-propeller.

By joining Social Value International, i-propeller hope that they will:
– Have increased visibility towards all stakeholders involved in social value creation
– Expand our (international) network and spot business opportunities (geared towards corporates)
– Enhance the communication efforts on our organisation and activities
– Access to resources that we might use to help our clients.

Previously, i-propeller have made sure all their team members receive the SVI SROI training, as they currently use a forecast and evaluative SROI analysis in their offer to all their clients. They use the Sinzer software to carry out all their SROI analyses.

If you would like to make contact with i-propeller, please contact.

Name: Nicolas Lahaye
Position: Communication specialist
Email address: nl@i-propeller.com
Telephone number: 0475 87 14 37.

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