How Does Action for Children Show it Makes People’s Lives Better?

by Hannah Dobbin, Policy Manager, Action for Children

Each year Action for Children publishes our Impact Report. And each year we develop our approach to reporting the difference we make to people’s lives. I’d like to share with you what we’ve done this year.

 ‘I feel proud of myself… I’m now able to support my family and my child’

Iain, who completed our Youthbuild programme.

Over the past year, we’ve made life better for 300,000 people: children, young people, their parents and carers. Our Impact Report tells our story and explains how we help and how we measure our positive impact on people’s lives.

This year we have continued to focus on how we improve outcomes for children and young people, but we’ve included more on how we work with parents and carers to achieve this:

‘I have a much better relationship with my son, I have taken control back and managed to hold down my job.’

Karen talking about one of our Intensive Family Support services.

We have a strong focus on our innovation and how we replicate what we know works best in helping children and families across our UK services. For example, our successful delivery of evidence-based programmes and services funded by social investment. We also talk about how we scale up new services based on the evidence of their impact.

We demonstrate the difference we make using our own outcomes framework and reporting systems. Data from all our services across the UK shows that:

 ·       In 71% of cases, relationships between children and their parents or carers improved and the risk of family breakdown reduced

·       In 70% of cases, the child or young person’s relationships improved, with people who were important to them

·       In 70% of cases, the child’s mental health or emotional wellbeing improved

We will continue to develop the way we measure our impact, for example using evidence-based tools to show the progress children have made. Please read our Impact Report 2014 to find out more:

 Making their lives better: now, tomorrow and every day.

Hannah Dobbin is Policy Manager at Action for Children.

Find out more about Action for Children’s Impact Report 2014 here.



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