Jeremy Nicholls invited to be a guest speaker by the United Nations Economic and Social Council

Social Value International CEO Jeremy Nicholls was invited by the United Nations Economic and Social Council to be a guest speaker at the ninth session of the Team of Specialists on Innovation and Competitiveness Policies in November.  Jeremy represented the Social Value movement and gave a very well-received presentation on Measuring impact – standards, certifications, regulation at the prestigious Palais des Nations, Geneva (Switzerland). The event was also very well received and incorporated a total of five sessions with expert speakers from around the globe:


Session 1: Overview – Impact investing trends and prospects:

  •  Mike Mompi, Impact Investment Committee, European Business Angel Network and Director of Early Stage Investment at ClearlySo
  • Cecile Blilious, Managing Partner, ImpactFirst, Israel


Session 2: Measuring impact – standards, certifications, regulation:

  •  Sophie Paquot,Director, Toniic Uk
  • Jeremy Nicholls, Chief Executive, Social Value International


Session 3: Match-making – connecting innovators with investors:

  •  Dan Gregory,Head of Policy, Social Enterprise UK, United Kingdom
  • Rasmus Nutzhorn, Mentor, Stride unSchool for Entrepreneurial Leadership, and board member, SocialLab, Switzerland
  • Buke Cuhakar, Vice President, Global Entrepreneurship Network
  • Meret Brotbek, Business Development Lead, Climate KIC


Session 4: Mobilizing Impact Capital – social impact bonds, impact funds, impact banking, crowd funding, public-private cooperation:

  •  Pierrick Balmain, Blue Orchard
  • Louis Zanolin, responsAbility AG
  • Tenke Zoltani, Director, UBS


Session 5: Country experiences, case studies, trends, good practices:

  •  Marie Wall, Deputy Director Startups, Ministry of Enterprise, Sweden
  • Igor Yegorov, Deputy Director, Institute for Economics and Forecasting, National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine
  • Igor Severine, United Nations Development Program, Minsk, Belarus

You can access various documents and copies of the presentations here

Flaggen der UNO-Mitgliedstaaten wehen vor dem Palais des Nations, dem UNO-Sitz in Genf, aufgenommen im September 1987. (KEYSTONE/Str) : FILM]

The prestigious Palais des Nations, Geneva (Switzerland)

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