Khulood Hindiyeh becomes the first Accredited Practitioner in Jordan

Social Value International are delighted to announce that Khulood Hindiyeh has become the first ever Accredited Practitioner in Jordan. To celebrate Khulood’s success we did a Q&A with Khulood about this exciting new stage in her career.

What inspired you to become an Accredited Practitioner?
Being a CSR and Sustainability expert working with several companies and local organisations for the past 13 years in the Middle East, I realised that many companies lack a comprehensive strategic approach for sustainability and CSR that is aligned with community needs and support their business objectives. This has resulted in implementing ad-hoc or seasonal initiatives without analysing the social impacts/values of these initiatives.

The real story that inspired me to become an Accredited Practitioner came up when I learned that several governmental institutions in the region are planning to enforce a new policy, which entails having companies donate 2-3% of their profits to the local community. This information triggered many queries and “what if” questions in my mind all of which emerged from two consequential facts; the first is related to the previously mentioned fact, where companies lack a strategic approach for CSR and all initiatives are implemented without properly identifying and engaging with their stakeholders and analysing their social needs and impacts. The second fact is that currently neither governmental institutions nor local NGOs identify the local community’s needs and priorities and analyse the social impacts and value of programs and initiatives that companies can support.

As a result, and in case this policy has been implemented, CSR will be practiced only to avoid governmental sanctions and to abide by the law, with no proper understanding of the real value and without having a strategic approach towards sustainable development. With all these uncertainties and many more, an inner interest and personal passion in SROI have grown with a great belief that this concept is what we really need in our region to make sure that all companies’ contributions to the community are of great value and will make a big difference, especially during this period of time where many social, environmental and economic gaps and challenges are arising in our region.

How do you plan to use your Accredited Practitioner status in your career?
As the concept of SROI is still in its developing stages in the MENA region, raising awareness can be one of the most important steps that I believe, as an accredited practitioner, I should start with. Raising awareness entails highlighting the real meaning and objectives of the SROI, the different types of SROI analysis and introduce a practical (step-by-step) calculation methodology to analyse the social value.

Why would you encourage other people to take the path of becoming an Accredited Practitioner?
Being the first Accredited Practitioner in Jordan and among very few experts in the region, I truly believe that it is vital to increase the number of experts in this field in order to support some governmental institutions (especially those working in the social and economic development sectors) to identify the programs with the highest social impacts and encourage companies to adopt and support these programs accordingly.

Tell us a little bit about the sector you are working in and the work your organisation does?
I am leading the sustainability department at Blue LLC, which is a private sector company that works at creating sustainable waste management and environmental services solutions that protect our planet for generations to come. Blue provides a range of innovative services including waste collection and recovery, energy saving solution, food waste recycling technology, technical products and specialized cleaning services.

If you are interested in becoming an Accredited Practitioner like Khulood, here is the dedicated page on our website.

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