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Social Value Institute offer the Impact Monitor, a new way to showcase the efforts within your organisation. We had a chat with Ana of Social Value Institute about Impact Monitor and why you should consider using it.

What is Impact Monitor?

Impact Monitor® is a technological web-based platform that allows organizations to trace their social impact based on information generated from their daily operations.

How do you think Impact Monitor will benefit individuals + why should they undertake it?

IM enables organizations to execute tasks from their Social Value Creation Model or their Sustainability Model in a structured manner to track their impact in real time.

Why is Impact Monitor important?

Because it provides organizations a common repository to execute key tasks, share operational status, consult beneficiaries’ information, track model’s key indicators, enable learning based on data and validate or invalidate social and business impact thesis.

What do you hope to happen as a result of Impact Monitor?

To be easier for organizations to maintain and improve the programs tracked through the system as the impact can be analyzed in real time, allowing optimal decision making.

How does Impact Monitor work towards SVI’s goals of increased wellbeing, reduced environmental degradation and promoting equality?

As the main stakeholders have a clear view and analysis of the impact generated through the programs in real time with IM, they will appropriately promote initiatives to maintain or improve them, reaching out and impacting more individuals and their communities.

Learn more about Impact Monitor.

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