Hugo Narrillos Roux

Detailed Information

Hugo holds a PhD in Economics with Honours by the Universidad Complutense of Madrid with the Thesis entitled “Social Return On Investment: a good method to measure the social value created by social firms”. Hugo also holds a Degree by the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Montpellier -Sup de Co- (France). Although his professional experience has been Investment Banking (he has worked in several international banks in London, Brussels, Valencia and Madrid), he has participated in several seminars in Spain, Italy, Germany or the UK and gives talks about the need to reconsider how to measure enterprise value.


He is the author of a book on social economy and SROI entitled “Economía Social. Valoración y medición de la inversión social (método SROI)”, and has published several articles in newspapers and magazines about the importance of measuring social value. Additionally, Hugo is a professor in Finance at several universities in Spain.


Hugo works as an independent SROI consultant mainly with for-profit companies, and has trained several organizations in how to measure social value.


He is a Level 3 Advanced Practitioner in SROI.

Contact Information
Sant Francesc, 3A. Puerta 6, 46110 Godella (Valencia)
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