Patricia Polvora

Detailed Information

Patricia is a member of Esimpact and the founder of the first Social Impact tea brand in Spain awarded Bcorp seal in 2015, Teterum. She has 14 years of experience volunteering and working within the Corporate Responsivity area since 2011 in international companies. She is a Level 1 Practitioner in SROI and is currently working on four projects to gain knowledge and to present for Assurance in 2021. Patricia starts to works as an independent SROI consultant with non-profit and for-profit companies in 2021, onboarding her first projects.

Patricia is also a Business School teacher in Spain in Corporate Responsivity and an active volunteer in several programs, where one is the newly created project Reality Telling where Virtual Reality serves as rehabilitation support for long-term COVID patients.

Patricia also recently published her first book “Doctor no voy a Rendirme” about her experiences on resilience with a chronic disease.

She is a Level 1 Practitioner in SROI.

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