Member video Blog: Mariana Branco, Portugal Impact Group.

Based in Porto, Mariana Branco is a member of Social Value International via her national network the Portugal Impact Group.  Mariana is a Social Value Analyst, with a degree in Economics, a Masters in “International Relations and Cooperation” and a Post-grad from United Nations University on “Evidence Based Policy Research Methods”.

She developed the first published SROI analysis in Portugal, managed the first SROI mentoring program and currently manages the Social Impact Program, which is in its third edition. She has also produced multiple SROI manuals, training guidelines and articles which you can access via her website.

Mariana recently visited SVI HQ in the UK where she spent some days meeting the team and developing her skills on the Trainers Accreditation Course “Train the Trainer“. As an avid blogger on the subject she has put together a series of four short blogs that summarise the main discussions which took place during her visit. This video is the first of these and it gives an introduction to the 7 principles of Social Value International:

  1. Involve your stakeholders
  2. Understand what changes
  3. Value the things that matter
  4. Only include what is material
  5. Do not over-claim
  6. Be transparent
  7. Verify the result


You can access more of Mariana’s video blogs HERE

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