Austria Impact Group

The Austria Impact Group was launched in November 2012 to connect people with an interest in and knowledge of social impact analysis.

Why an Austria Impact Group?

There is a need to discuss and disseminate knowledge on different topics around social impact (e.g. methods of impact analysis) in Austria. The emphasis of the group is placed on getting people together from different institutional backgrounds.

The aims of the group are:

  • Develop a leading group of social impact experts in Austria and the German-speaking countries
  • Enhance knowledge about social impact and social impact analyses
  • Promote outcome or impact-oriented thinking instead of output-oriented KPIs
  • Develop a mutual understanding of problems concerning social impact topics (measurement, reporting etc.) in different institutional and organizational backgrounds
  • Provide a platform to discuss current issues and questions related to social impact

What is the group doing?

The entire group meets 2-3 times a year and has four sub-groups which meet 3-4 times a year to work on the following topics:

  • Identifying and comparing Social Impact Measurement Methods
  • Reporting on Social Impact (focus on corporations)
  • Developing Social Impact Indicators
  • Social Impact as part of (strategic) controlling (systems) of NPOs

Who is involved?

The group is led by NPO & SE Competence Center, who are Organisational Members of Social Value International.

The group consists of members from different institutional backgrounds including NPOs, Government (regional and national), profit-oriented corporations, consultants and researchers.

Resources and Links

Want to find out more? Contact Olivia Rauscher from the NPO & SE Competence Center, or email us.