Estonia Impact Group

The Estonia Impact Group was established in May 2013 to promote the importance of social impact analysis and increase its practice in Estonia.

Why an Estonia Impact Group?

The need for social impact analysis has been accepted by all major stakeholders in Estonia. However, there has been very slow progress in developing and implementing solutions to widen the practice and increase its quality. The Impact Group will play a major role in bringing stakeholders together, setting shared objectives and coordinating efforts.

The aims of the group are:

  • To bring together key stakeholders to work on a common vision and understanding around the development of the social impact analysis field in Estonia
  • Agree a set of standardised practices around social impact analysis that can then be agreed upon by the majority of relevant stakeholders in Estonia
  • A forum to exchange experience and best practice around social impact analysis with other countries and international organisations

What is the group doing?

The current focus is developing and disseminating a web-based solution for standardised impact mapping and communication of civil society organisations (including social enterprises). The process involves a wide set of stakeholders, as the aim is to change the way public benefit organisation and their supporters analyse impact.

Who is involved?

The group is championed by Jaan Aps from Stories for Impact and the Estonian Social Enterprise Network, an Individual Member of Social Value International. Ongoing work related to impact mapping solution is currently financed by Estonian Ministry of the Interior and National Foundation of Civil Society.

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