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About Us

The Social Impact Measurement Network of Australia (SIMNA) was first launched in late 2012, following a three-year “Investing in Impact Partnership” study established by Social Ventures Australia, The Centre for Social Impact (CSI) and PwC Australia.

One of the recommendations from the report was the establishment of an SROI Network in Australia. This became SIMNA, with a broader remit to help grow the practice of social impact measurement in Australia.  

Today, SIMNA is an incorporated body with a growing membership base. It is our mission to grow a vibrant network of individuals and organisations in Australia that embrace, practice, share knowledge and promote social impact measurement. SIMNA a National Member Network of Social Value International.


SIMNA members foster social impact measurement in Australia by sharing publicly the knowledge that they have or are creating. The following member practices are encouraged:

  • Presenting insights, case studies and other materials at SIMNA knowledge-sharing events
  • Sharing reports, presentations, articles and other knowledge nationally with all SIMNA members
  • Contributing to SIMNA discussion groups and supporting other Members
  • Engaging in the evaluation of methods for the betterment of the social measurement community in Australia
  • Encouraging others to “have a go” at social impact measurementand to become involved in SIMNA.

Competency Development

SIMNA members can develop their practice in social impact measurement by:

  • Entering the SIMNA Awards for Excellence in Social Impact Measurement
  • Connecting with expert and/or accredited practitioners in social impact measurement for advice and peer support
  • Participating in State-based Committee events and Conferences
  • Completing professional education and training courses.

SIMNA does not advocate for any particular social impact measurement framework, tool or method.  We recognise the plethora of choice in social impact measurement methodologies available to organisations and consultants and that choices will be made based on the specific requirements of the organisation, skills of the people using the framework and the stage of development of the organisation.

SIMNA encourages appropriate and respectful critique of different frameworks and initiatives to strengthen methodologies and to encourage better practice of social impact measurement in Australia.

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