Social Value UK

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Social Value UK is the National Member Network of Social Value International for the United Kingdom. All members of Social Value UK are also joint members of Social Value International.

Social Value UK was founded in 2008. To date, it has over 300 individual members and over 60 organisational members.

Soon after its foundation, Social Value UK developed the Social Value and SROI Practitioner training course. This course has been accredited by Social Value International and is now a requirement for anyone wishing to become a Social Value or SROI Accredited Practitioner. Social Value UK has continued to develop accredited training including Introduction to SROI training which is available as a series of webinars.

As well as delivering training, Social Value UK is involved in numerous programmes and partnerships, working with a variety of organisations to advance the aims of Social Value International in the UK and globally.

As the oldest and most developed national network, Social Value UK is the secretariat of Social Value International and Social Value UK staff oversee the day by day running of SVI from their office in Liverpool.

To find out more about their projects and activities, including training, visit their website at: