Social Value Sverige (Social Value Sweden)

Social Value Sverige 

Social Value Sverige was established in September 2011 as Svenska SROI-nätverket (Swedish SROI network).


Why your Network / Group?

As a part of an EU project, around 150 individuals in Sweden became trained in SROI. Consequently there was an interest among several of these to establish a platform for further communication and learning regarding SROI. Equally, there was an acknowledged need for an independent organisation that could take the responsibility for an assurance process.

The focus, aims and goals of the group is mainly to be a platform for and information channel to individuals and organisations that are interested in measuring and evaluating social, environmental and financial outcomes and values.


What is the group doing?

Our board meets about five times a year and we also hold two to four seminars per year. The aim of the seminars is mainly to spread the word to representatives from companies, the public sector and civil society about how outcomes and values can be measured and understood. We also produce quarterly newsletters.


Who is involved?

We are an open organisation with five board members and 18 regular group members.  Our members’ size and backgrounds are quite diverse and include researchers, consultancy companies, a couple of large organisations and organisations within the civil society. We consider one of our strengths to be that we have so many different types of members when it comes to background and professional focus.


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