Nzeve Join Social Value International as Organisational Members


Social Value International are happy to welcome Nzeve as organisational members. Nzeve is working towards the Deaf community being valued in an inclusive society. Nzeve is an organisation of deaf and hearing people working together to promote the rights of children and youth with disabilities to participate fully in society. Nzeve works to reduce discrimination by promoting sign language and deaf culture and building deaf community.

Nzeve is currently working on their first report. Nzeve was successful in an application for DREAMS Innovation Challenge. They received funding for their “Grapevine Project”, run in partnership with King George VI Centre Bulawayo, from Johnson & Johnson. The project worked with adolescent deaf girls and young women to ensure they were Determined, Resilient, Empowered, AIDS-free, Mentored and Safe.

Deaf girls in Zimbabwe have been excluded from many opportunities for health education and personal development due to communication barriers. The Grapevine Project ensured participatory and visual methods were used to build the self-esteem, problem-solving and accurate information of the young women and girls. Drama, business skills and practical skills of sewing and hairdressing were taught.

Nzeve hopes to be able to show that although numbers are often smaller when working with people with disabilities, the social impact of their projects on their lives is significant.

Libby Foster, Director of Nzeve said: “Nzeve is excited to join an International movement that allows previously ignored people to have a voice in determining what are important and valuable interventions to them.”

To follow Nzeve on their social value journey, contact:
Libby Foster
Director, Nzeve

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