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Social Value Matters 2021

Social Value International is thrilled to be partnering with Social Value Thailand to bring you the biggest social value and impact measurement and management event of the year!

Building on the success of conferences held in London, Milan, Istanbul, Taipei and Toronto (virtually in 2020), the SVM 2021 conference will be held from Bangkok, Thailand on the 20th and 21st October 2021.

The conference will take place both in person in Bangkok (for those who are able to travel) and virtually for the global audience, and will bring together leading voices from impact investing, academia, policy making, corporate sustainability, and practice to create a truly global event that celebrates and advances the developments of social value and impact management. 

With little more than 8 years to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and no country on target to achieve these by 2030, the future can seem bleak. However the global response to COVID-19 shows that the world can work together to create the rapid responses required to solve the large-scale challenges that people and the planet face. This year’s conference will harness the power of the global SVI communities to focus the imperative and potential to build back better and to ensure that we create a sustainable and more equitable future for all.

Social Value Matters 2020

Social Value International and Social Value Canada are co-hosting the biggest social value conference of the year.

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Following last year’s physical event in Taipei, Social Value Matters 2020: People, Planet & Power will be take place online from the 28th September to the 2nd October.

Speakers include local, national and international thought-leaders, and practitioners from across the social value agenda.

Far too often, key decisions about economic growth, environmental impact and social policy are made using a limited concept of value that fails to consider important effects on people and the environment. As the gap between rich and poor increases and the effects of climate change become more apparent, the need to change the way society accounts for value has never been more urgent.

SVM 2020 Core Themes

  • Inequality and Climate Change are Intertwined and Indivisible
  • Creating Social Value: Policies, Tool & Levers
  • Community-Driven Outcomes Create More Value for Everyone
  • Wellbeing as a Lens for Impact
  • Sustainability is Financial, Environmental and Social
  • Reconciliation and the Social Value Agenda
  • Our Post-COVID Future

Whether we are from the public, corporate or social sectors; small or large organizations; individuals or a collective – we each have a role to play. People, Planet & Power offers essential ideas and resources for our path to a truly sustainable future.

The world is calling for new and better leadership, for actions that truly value both people and our environment, and approaches that increase wellbeing for all.  With focus on People, Planet & Power, we will more effectively assess the value of our actions and takes steps that increase societal wellbeing overall.

Social Value Matters 2019: Going Mainstream

Venue: Hua-Nan Bank International, Convention Center, Hsin-Yi District, Taipei, Taiwan (near Taipei 101)

Hosted by national network Social Value Taiwan this 2 day event discussed how social value and social impact is more important now than ever before and ready to be integrated into mainstream thinking across the world.

The conference was be a chance to listen and participate in global conversations about how we make social impact and social value a bigger part of our decision making. The conference welcomed people from all disciplines (accountants, evaluators, market researchers, economists, service designers, investors).

Social Value Matters… More Than Ever

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On 10th and 11th April 2017 Social Value International and Koç University Social Impact Forum (KUSIF) co-hosted Social Value Matters 2017 at KUSIF’s beautiful campus in the hills of Sarıyer, Istanbul. 250 delegates and speakers from 25 countries gathered to discuss how best to amplify voices, inspire change and maximise value.

Against a backdrop of increasing inequality and global uncertainty Social Value Matters 2017 focused on what needs to happen to amplify stakeholder voices to inspire change and maximise value. Following feedback from our members and the community the sessions began to take shape.

The conference had mix of roundtables and workshops. The roundtables were small group discussions lead by members that focused on debate and experience sharing.

Workshops involved participants in exercises and activities to encourage debate and learning.

The conference report provides some of the highlights from those activities, discussions and exercises.

Impact Convergence

Social Value International was delighted to partner with the American Evaluation Association to deliver its annual conference in Atlanta from 24 to 26 October 2016.

Impact Convergence 2016 was a collaborative international effort to advance the state of the art of impact measurement in the fields of Impact Investing, Social Entrepreneurship, Corporate Social Responsibility & Social Finance.

Find out more at impactconvergence.org

Critical Mass

For two days in October 2015, Social Value International and partners Matter & Co took over the famous lecture theatre and laboratories at the Royal Institution – the home of science and innovation in the UK. A host of inspirational keynotes, practical workshops and masterclasses brought together hundreds of people from across civil society, enterprise, responsible business, and investing to learn from, network with and inspire each other.

Talking Data*

In November 2014, the Social Impact Analysts Association (SIAA) hosted its fourth international annual conference in Toronto, Canada, in partnership with Social Asset Measurements and Charity Intelligence Canada. Following three knowledge building conferences – SIAA Launch in 2011, Emerging Profession in 2012 and Beyond Measurement in 2013 – SIAA’s fourth conference was an opportunity to build on the rich body of knowledge and resources that has developed as the conversation around social impact measurement and analysis has grown since SIAA’s inception in 2011.

Talking Data: Measurement with a Message was SIAA’s biggest conference yet, with 2 days of workshops, dialogue and networking at an international level. The conference brought together over 200 delegates coming from across the globe including from Canada, US, UK, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Estonia and Australia.

Social Value Matters 2014

Social Value Matters was a fascinating two days, set in the Catholic University of Milan. The theme was how we can make the case that Social Value Matters if we want to create a better future – and delegates came from across the world to discuss challenges and solutions for this increasingly urgent issue. For summaries of the event watch our conference video from Pioneers Post:https://vimeo.com/104526400

Beyond Measurement*

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Beyond Measurement was hosted in partnership with ESSEC Business School, France on 10 December 2013. It brought over 100 analysts, consultants and academics from 20 countries together to attend workshops, hotspots and interactive activities.

The day provided a platform for international discussion around three key questions (What is beyond measurement? Why go beyond measurement? And how do we improve beyond measurement?) addressed in the sessions. The conference report presents the workshops, hotspots and activities, providing detailed information on what happened and feedback from the
discussions that took place.

On Thursday 22nd November 2012 SIAA hosted its first annual conference ‘The Emerging Profession’. The conference was generously hosted by the Bertelsmann Foundation at Unter den Linden 1, Berlin, Germany. The venue provided a great space for an informal and interactive conference, with over 85 participants from 17 countries across the world. An excellent members drinks event with SIAA members was also hosted on Wednesday 21st November at Phineo gAG.

Conference participants included 31 SIAA members and 46 non-members working across a range of sectors and organisations, including social investment, philanthropy, charity sector, government, academia, consultancy and more! A large number of participants contributed to the panel, breakout and hotspot sessions.

The conference theme ‘The Emerging Profession’ came from an understanding that social impact analysis is an emerging field. SIAA has identified that there is an increasing demand for professionals with the skills set to help analyse the social impact of an organisations work.

The aim of this conference was to provide practitioners and interested parties working in the social impact analysis space, with an interactive event to share knowledge and skills. It was also any opportunity for us to look at what the development of a new profession might look like and the role of practitioners in contributing to this.

The Emerging Profession*

Download the Conference Report

*These events were run by the Social Impact Analysts Association (SIAA) prior to its rebranding as Social Value International.

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