Social Value International works in partnership with localised/national  networks around the world, to promote The Seven Principles of Social Value, refine and share practice, and to build a powerful movement of like-minded people to influence policy.

The role of these networks is to further the mission and aim of Social Value International to create a community of people who are putting the principles in to practice to shift power.

Networks affiliated to Social Value International include individual and organisational members who coordinate a range of activities, including (but not limited to):

  • Events and conferences
  • SROI practitioner and impact management training
  • Development and translation of SVI guidance and standards
  • Research projects
  • Thematic working groups
  • Consultancy projects
  • Awards and competitions
  • Campaigns to strengthen legislation and regulation

Networks can affiliate with Social Value International by being either a Joint Member Network, or an Associate Network. More information on what it means, and how to become part of a Network can be found below:

What have our Networks been up to?

We will be publishing a Quarterly Bulletin with some information on what our Joint Member Networks and Associate Networks have been up to.

April 2019

July 2019

November 2019

February 2020

How do I join an existing network?

To join an existing Associate Network you can Become a member of Social Value International and we will share your details with your local Network.

To join an Joint Member Network, you will need to contact the Network directly.

What is a Joint Member Network?

Joint Membership Networks are the more structured of our two types of Networks. They are membership bodies that operate in a specific country, region or territory that charge membership fees or are working towards doing so.

Members who join these Networks will automatically receive joint membership with both the Network and Social Value International!

In order to be a Joint Member Network, the Network:

  • Must be incorporated bodies
  • Must be Company Law members of Social Value International
  • Must meet the criteria in the Social Value International Membership Agreement

See all our current Joint Member Networks here

What is an Associate Network?

Associate network are networks or groups of members that are either working towards the formation of a Joint Member Network or have agreed that building a community of practice or working group, instead of a membership body, is more appropriate. 

  • They may be unincorporated or incorporated bodies
  • They do not have to be Company Law Members of Social Value International
  • They must meet the criteria in the Social Value International Social Value Group Memorandum of Understanding

See all our current Associate Networks here

How do I set up a new network?
National Networks are created by a group of Social Value International members (3+, including at least one Organisational Member) coming together to coordinate the exploration and formation of the network.

Want to find out more about our Networks? Email us.

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