Bulgaria Impact Group

The Bulgaria Impact Group was established in June 2013 to promote the importance of social impact analysis and increase its practice in Bulgaria.

Why a Bulgaria Impact Group?

The group has a number of goals, which include:

  • Increasing recognition of social impact analysis as a useful practice among various groups including NGOs, government, local authorities, donors and businesses
  • Organising training for professionals
  • Sharing successful practice, case studies, materials and training among professionals

What is the group doing?

The group holds regular meetings attended by delegates from NGOs, donors, universities and businesses to discuss their work. The group also supports the development of training and translation of existing guidance.

Who is involved?

The group is championed by Maria Petkova from the Tulip Foundation, an Individual Member of Social Value International.

The group is open to professionals from across sectors (NGOs, businesses, government etc).

Resources and Links

Want to find out more, contact impactBG@tulipfoundation.net or email us.

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