Hungary Impact Group

The Hungary Impact Group was established in January 2014 with the aim to bring together key stakeholders from across the NGO sector, public sector, private sector and academia to support the development of the impact agenda in Hungary.

What is the group doing?

The group has formed into smaller working groups to address the following topics:

  • Collecting international standards
  • Collecting best practices/ case studies
  • Collecting and localising indicators
  • Professional fields of impact analysis, such as long term attitude change or growth of quality of life
  • Pilot programs to implement impact measurement at an NGO
  • Collecting on-line tools
  • Inviting further for-profits, donors, investors to the working group
  • Forming the operation of the country working group
Together with other stakeholders the members of the group have joint their forces and founded Impact Academy, an 8-month long impact assessment incubator program. More info about the program here:

Who is involved?

The group is led by Civil Support Nonprofit Ltd, an Organisational Members of Social Value International.

The group is open to a range of people in Hungary including financial and operational leaders of NGOs, CSR dept. leaders of for profit companies, subsidy program leaders of public entities and academics working around social impact.

Previous meetings held by the group have included organisations and companies such as NeSST, Ashoka, DIA, Donors Forum Hungary, KPMG, Vodafone, Magnet Community Bank

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