Social Value France

Social Value France was established as The France Impact Group on 6th February 2015 to share learning amongst professionals working in the area of social impact measurement and analysis.

Why Social Value France?

The topic of social impact measurement and analysis is still quite new for French social enterprises and their private or public funders. There are two needs: make the topic more accessible to all (communication, guidebooks, case studies, etc.) and support the creation of a new “market” of consultants/researchers with people that recognise that they do the same job and have to better define its principles.

“I’ve noticed several people who were interested in social impact analysis and took part to the same conferences, workshops and training. It’s a “kind of community” that I’ve been trying to gather and make work together.” – Emeline Stievenart, Independent Consultant and Co-Convener of the France Impact Group.

What is the group doing?

The group meets every two months. The discussion is organised into three parts:

  • News : An update of members’ news
  • Case study: Presentation of a case study of impact measurement and analysis by a member of the group, and the lessons learned
  • Role of the France Impact Group : A discussion about the group’s aims, what we are doing to attain those aims and how it could be improved

Who is involved?

The group is championed by Etienne Dupuis – Avise, Emeline Stievenart – KIMSO, Christelle Van Ham – Eexiste, and Ben Rickey – ANSA, Individual Members of Social Value International.

In early 2015, other members of the group included:

  • Foundations, including Fondation Alpha Oméga, Fondation VINCI pour la Cité, La Banque Postale
  • Charities, including Sielbleu, l’Association des Cités du Secours Catholique,
  • Third sector umbrella bodies, including Admical, l’Avise, Mouves
  • Consultants and advisory bodies, including Nuova Vista, Planète d’entrepreneurs, Finansol, le Rameau, Ernst & Young, Utopies

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