Social Value Thailand

Social Value Thailand has launched in 2017 with aim to create awareness and to set the Social Value Measurement Standard in Thailand. The first ‘SROI Accreditation Training’ will be launched in ASEAN to reinforce the network of practitioners in various fields that seeking towards the transformation of financial perspective to maximize social value and to enhance organizational sustainability.

“We seek for the social change, towards the better world that we all together can end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. We believe that better world brought about by better decisions ! The better decisions can change, improve, and even save people’s lives, and better decision account for Social Value of all Stakeholders not only taken based purely on financial value. And it’s time to better change! Social Value Thailand is delighted to join the Global movement to change the way society accounts for value. we committed to work for, advise, support, and challenge organisations and decision makers to consider social and environmental value alongside economic value. To shape the way people articulate social change.”
Sakulthip Kiratiphanthawong, Co Founder & Managing Director NISECorp and Executive Director of Social Value Thailand

Our Activities

  • 2 Days SROI Accreditation Practitioner Training (Co-hosted with Social Value International)
  • 1 Day Introduction to SROI (in Thai)
  • 2 Day SROI Workshop (in Thai)
  • Social Value Thailand Forum
  • SVTH Membership (Update, Information sharing, Networking and Activities)

Watch a video of the SVTH launch below:

More Information

To find out more, visit the Social Value Thailand website.


For information and resources on SROI in Thailand please contact or E-mail :

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