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Members of the Turkey Social Impact Group with Social Value International staff at Social Value Matters 2017

Koç University Social Impact Forum (KUSIF) was established in November 2012 to promote social innovation through education, research and cooperation and to create social impact. As KUSIF we believe that social impact actors such as social entrepreneurs, funders, civil society associations and responsible private sectors can generate more positive social impact.

Since we were established, we have worked actively to form the Turkey Social Impact Group. Pioneered by KUSIF, the Turkey Social Impact Group aims to improve the positive social impacts of the social impact actors. The measurement and the usage of the measured results by the social impact actors are very important in terms of their learning and sharing. Because in this way the social impact measurement and management practice of the ecosystem can be achieved and the awareness of social impact actors on studies and usage of the social impact issues increasing their awareness. Apart from this, the Turkey Social Impact Group also aims at understanding the tools of social impact measurements and management as well as increasing accessibility to the Turkish resources about social impact measurements.

Agata Fortuna from KUSIF leads a round table discussion at Social Value Matters 2017

During the Social Impact Measurement Conference that was held on 3 December 2015, we found it possible to discuss for the first time the structure, needs and means that the Social Impact Group could present, and we took the preliminary steps to establish the group. In this aspect, we formed a work group to establish the Turkey Social Impact Group. This work group studied for a long time to have a decent organization.

With continuous studies we made, in April 2017 we were able to establish the Turkey Social Impact Group headed by KUSIF in collaboration with YADA Foundation and Mikado Sustainable Development Consultancy. The group started their studies together with Turkey Third Sector Foundation (TÜSEV), the Mother and Child Education Foundation (AÇEV), Ashoka Turkey, Adim Adim , Women Entrepreneurs Association, and some independent experts.

We formed the web portal sosyaletkianalizi.com and we believe that we will be able to present studies feeding the Turkey Social Impact Group through our portal.

KUSIF developed a portal on social impact measurement an management, Being a product of our target as a “Social Impact Facilitator” and in order to increase our capacity in social impact fields, to form a web, to develop resources in our mother language, to simplify access to resources, to develop knowledge and talents.

More information

For further details, please contact Dr. Gonca Ongan, Managing Director, Koç University Social Impact Forum / KUSIF

Founding Members


KUSIF’s vision is a Turkish economy in which NGOs, funders, social entrepreneurs, private sector entities not only plan ahead for their social impact but also integrate social impact analysis to their overall work ethic and day-to-day operations. KUSIF is also working for establishing Turkey Social Impact Group and setting the standards for social impact measurement.


Yaşama Dair Vakıf (YADA Foundation) was founded in 2005 with a vision of building bridges between “knowledge” and “society”. YADA aims to produce knowledge regarding the different aspects of social life and convert this knowledge into application.

MİKADO SÜRDÜRÜLEBİLİR KALKINMA DANIŞMANLIĞI (Mikado Sustainable Development Consultancy)

Mikado Sustainable Development Consultancy, Established in September 2007, Mikado is a social enterprise committed to serve sustainable development and to yield social impact through crafting innovative models and solutions. Mikado believes in and strives to create partnerships among private sector, civil society, academic, public and international organisations for multi-dimensional development.


ANNE ÇOCUK EĞİTİM VAKFI (AÇEV, Mother & Child Education Foundation)

Ever since it was founded in 1993, the Mother & Child Education Foundation (AÇEV) has been carrying out all of its educational activities aimed at needy children and their families with the aims of ensuring that such children have the benefit of a good and wholesome “early childhood experience”, of contributing towards a better society, and of achieving equality in educational opportunity. AÇEV believe that every child needs to be supported with education from an early age in order to achieve their maximum potential. [jcol/]


Adım Adım, is the first non-profit organization which has been established for promoting and disseminating collective ‘charity run’ concept in Turkey. Adım Adım Initiative creates financial funding and promotion support for important social responsibility projects in Turkey through endurance sports such as running, swimming, cycling, and mountain climbing.


Ashoka; has been established by Bill Drayton in 1980 at Washington, D.C., is a non-profit organization supporting social entrepreneurs and dissemination of skills creating positive impact in society. Ashoka; selected its first social entrepreneurs in 1981 in India, is the first and the most prestigious social entrepreneurship network in the world. Ashoka has offices in more than 36 countries around 5 different continents. Ashoka Turkey Office is placed in İstanbul.

Türkiye Kadın Girişimciler Derneği (KAGİDER, The Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey)

The Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey (KAGIDER) is a non-governmental organization aimed at strengthening women entrepreneurs. Their goal is not to strengthen women only economically but also socially and politically. KAGIDER has made its mission to support women entrepreneurship because it believes that women entrepreneurs has a strong impact on reversing the trends of gender inequality and women’s economic exclusion. In addition, the goal is to bring


TUSEV was established in 1993 by Turkey’s leading civil society organizations and has now grown to support network of over 100 associations and foundations that share a vision of strengthening the legal, fiscal and operations infrastructure of the third sector in Turkey.

Independent Experts

Ayşe Seda Müftügil Yalçın, Duygu Güner, Erhan Okşak, Zeynep Başer Kubiena [/jcolumns]

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