SROI Network Indonesia

As a social activist, the presence of SROI provides a strong hope that any tangible or intangible impact can be properly identified, measured and communicated to all stakeholders. Of course this will encourage more and more parties to play a role in improving life.

Rini Suprihartanti – SROI Network Indonesia

Network History

Development of the Social Return On Investment Network Indonesia (SROI Network Indonesia) began in 2014, when a group of founding partners with experience as practitioners, researchers and developers of social investment programs came together with aim of forming a partnership which could adapt, implement and develop SROI concepts in Indonesia.

The network had it’s soft launch in December 2014. Jeremy Nicholls, the founder of Social Value International, was a speaker at the launch event. as a speaker. Following the launch, the network organized the first SROI practitioner training in Indonesia at which Jeremy was the lead trainer.

Following the soft launch, intensive meetings were held between the partners to form a legal entity which could formally join Social Value International as a full National Network. The SROI Indonesia was legally established as an association in late 2016 and officially joined Social Value International in July 2018.


The Network has the following purposes and objectives:

  • To establish cooperation with multiparties to develop methods and techniques, and;
  • Social assessment tools on social investment programs;
  • To raise studies of social assessment in Indonesia;
  • To develop capacity of social investment activists in order for them to have competency in social assessment.

SROI arrived in Indonesia several years ago, but mostly attracted university teachers and students to measure and understand the impact of certain social investment projects. Later, companies attracted to use SROI to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of their CSR projects. SROI Network Indonesia gather the academia, NGOs, social enterprises, and social investors to speed up the use if SROI for planning and evaluation purposes. We wish to see hundreds of SROI reports and lessons learned produced in the near future.

Jalal, SROI Network Indonesia


The SROI Network Indonesia offer the following services:

  • Training & Competence Certification
  • Tools Development
  • Assistance & Consultancy
  • Case Study & Publication
  • Regular Events


Membership is open to all industry sectors and regions throughout Indonesia, researchers, practitioners, and social investment program activists.

The network does not have an online application form yet. If you are interested in being part of the SROI Network Indonesia, please contact Social Value International and we can put you in touch with the relevant person.

SROI has been able to be a significant complement in the performance measurement of social investment programs. the methodology is capable of triggering the mind to find reasonable ways of calculating the impact that stakeholders can accept fairly and responsibly.

Purnomo, SROI Network Indonesia

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