Social Value Italia

Social Value Italia (SVIt) was launched in September 2014 to position Italy as part of the global Social Value cultural movement, creating conditions for the development and dissemination of the culture and practices of social impact assessment and evaluation.

Why Social Value Italia? 

We share the view that there is a need as well as an opportunity to foster and contribute to the consolidation of an ecosystem in which all stakeholders, both the government and private sector, and for profit and nonprofit organisations, pursue the creation of social value at the same time as economic sustainability and economic value.

Our mission is focused on spreading and supporting the implementation of the culture, and consistent strategies and practices, of social impact assessment in government and private organizations.

To this end, we intend to work for:

  • Developing shared knowledge about approaches, tools and concepts of impact assessment
  • Developing relationships among members and other interested organisations
  • Consolidating and disseminating practices of social impact assessment which are viable, accessible, and meaningful throughout different economic sectors
  • Testing innovation practices oriented to the achievement of actual measurable results in governmental and private social policies

What are you doing?

After an initial session, devoted to the development of a Theory of Change for Social Value Italia identifying Mission, Objectives, Starting point, Activities, Outcomes and Impact for the organization, five working groups have been established to create the conditions of full operational functioning of the new organization:

G1.- Governance  – The draft Statute has been developed and will be discussed in a joint meeting on May 19

G2. – Lobbying – an official position on Social Enterprise new legislation has been submitted to the Parliament

G3. – Knowledge – a draft Glossary has been developed to be discussed on May 19 joint meeting

G4. – Competencies and training – a draft Competency assessment scheme for Social Value practitioners has been prepared for discussion

G5. – Business plan – under development

Who is involved?

ALTIS-Università Cattolica, Avanzi, DNV, Fondazione Sodalitas, Human Foundation, KPMG, SCS Azioninnova, UBI Banca.

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