Global Value Exchange

The Global Value Exchange (GVE) is an online platform developed by Social Value UK that allows users to set up their own projects, start to monitor the social value they are creating, and helps them to manage and maximise their social value.

There are three main parts to GVE:

  • browseGVE: a database with thousands of outcomes, indicators and valuations
  • myGVE: an interactive project layer where you can enter and collect social value data for your own activity or project
  • myGVEportfolio: manage the social value of multiple projects by creating a portfolio with a shared outcome framework

Global Value Exchange API

The Global Value Exchange has an Application Programming Interface (API) which allows you to access almost 30,000 metrics (including outcomes, indicators and valuations) in real time. A list of the most well-known frameworks and data sets hosted on the Global Value Exchange is available here. Metrics and the linkages between them are provided in a format which is machine readable (JSON). We can also provide information in a CSV spreadsheet.

How you use this API is up to you. It can be used to conduct research on social value, improve the services you provide to stakeholders or create altogether new ones! Several organisations are already using this information to help them deliver their products.

API pricing

 Non-memberIndividual memberOrganisational memberUsed in accredited software
Discount0%10%25%20% (additional)
Price per year£1000 + VAT£900 + VAT£750 + VATAdditional £200 discount

Discounts are given for individual and organisational members of Social Value UK and Social Value International. An additional discount is given if the API is used in a software product which has been accredited by Social Value UK.

To get started, check out the technical documentation here. If you think this API would be useful to you, please contact the GVE team.

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