Social Value Self Assessment Tool

The Social Value Self Assessment Tool is designed to help users judge how well they are measuring and reporting on their social value, in line with the Principles of Social Value. It was created by Social Value UK in collaboration with Hall Aitken.

The tool is comprised of a seven stage questionnaire, showing results as a spider chart illustrating areas of strength and areas for improvement.

Individual accounts

The tool provides guidance, support and more advice to individuals who want to improve the way in which their organisation measures their social value and assesses their service delivery but don’t know where to start. To access the tool, users can create an account and sign up for free here.

By creating a free Self Assessment Tool account individual users can:

  • Fully explore the benefits of the Social Value Principles
  • Get an accurate baseline of how good your social value measurement practices are
  • Judge their organisation’s readiness for Social Value Management Certificate application
  • Use their score to guide them towards applying for assurance and accreditation
  • Get advice on what to do next

Portfolio accounts

Social Value UK can offer a range of additional functionality for organisations who want to use the Self-Assessment Tool to collect data about their stakeholders or activities.

Some of the services they offer are:

  • Create your own survey with custom questions
  • Aggregate and analyse the results
  • Download your data as a spreadsheet
  • Track the progress of your users
  • Host the survey on your own website
  • Use your own branding


Self-Assessment Tool Portfolio PackagesInitial development costs (year 1)Support (year 1)Ongoing support (subsequent years)
Package 1: Client receives a 'Group Admin' account. Ability to create one user group, multiple surveys and analyse the survey results of that group.

SVUK will show you how to:
  • Manually create standard user accounts
  • Add questions to the core survey, including non-English versions
£0£600 + VAT£600 + VAT
Package 2a: Client receives a "Global Admin" account. Ability to create multiple surveys, multiple users groups, assign group admins and analyse the survey results of any group.

In addition, clients can:

  • Host the website on their own domain (URL registration and hosting fees are the responsibility of the client)
  • Sell the portfolio functionality (by creating Group Admin accounts)
  • Have complete control over the website, including custom branding or additional functionality

N.B. SVUK request that anonymised data is shared annually with SVUK and Hall Aitken to support futher developments of the tool.
£1000 + VAT£800 + VAT£600 + VAT
Package 2b: Same as Package 2a, but with a full translation of all website text (such as website menus and next page buttons).£3000 + VAT£900 + Vat£600 + VAT

Annual support costs include up to 4 hours of online support from SVUK team including the upload of new questions (including translated core survey) and demonstrations of how to administer the site as a group or global admin. Initial development costs apply only in year 1.

For more information please contact Craig at

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